Friday, October 12, 2012

Bookart : Postcard container book

It's been two years since I joined Postcrossing project. It is a great community where you can send and received postcards from a random person around the world. This project is perfect for a postcard-lover like me.  Two year has past; I got a hugh stack of postcards, notecards, and greeting cards. The postcards was sent from around the world; The top 5 is Finland, Netherlands, Russia, Germany and China. 

Bookart class is a great opportunity to do some kind of a treasure box to keep it.  Here comes the postcard keeper in a box!! 

It's so much thicker than I thought it would be. It took a lot~~~of paper to assemble it; not including the dummy testing book that I did to figured out the structure. The good thing this class offer me almost all of the paper and equipment. 
Thank you Crist Rolik for such a gorgeous stamp.

I cheese to do this structure because it look like an envelope parade with a lot of fun detail in it.  

See for how long it is!! This is only just a half of it!!

I leave the backside for the paper's pattern. The letter, handwriting and envelope pattern match perfectly well with this project.

Too much postcard~~~!!

I pick a colorful postcard to make the book looks more fun.  So most tourist postcards are not included; except for the illustrated one. 

I received a lot of food postcards and art postcards, which always make me drool and thinking of pastry shop.  I'm so happy for having a chance to do this piece of art. I felt that I just combine a small piece of art around the world together. Each postcard carries a story in a form of handwriting, postage stamps, image on the back cover, or even an ink smudge or tearing. I still do postcrossing as a hobby; it always give me a big smile to see postcard sit in my mailbox.