Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I did in History of fashion class.

Aside from Animation, I took history of fashion class in summer in order to keep my hand on visual development. As far as I know, this class is the only one that has drawing assignment. This class is pretty fun and interesting. At least I've learned how fashion looped itself.

Lady Horus
Have fun with the Medieval Knights, Who won?

Medieval Lady with her heart shaped headdress. 

Dress in the 18 century.

For this one, I just want to have fun with the hair style and dress of the 18th century.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

1895s fashion. Based on "Flirt" by Alphonse Mucha.

1951s Fashion.

1970s fashion. I like the heels in this period!

1980s fashion. This design belong to Vivienne Westwood.  I really love her style. 

Mondrian dress in the 1960s. This pattern is obviously comes from abstract art. And I like the clothes pattern more.

I did half of these drawing just for fun. So some of these is not the part of the assignment. I think it pretty obvious which one is not.

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