Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bookart: The carousel of Benjamin Franklin

The Benjamin Franklin bookart was created by carousel structure. I finished this book during class just for fun, but it turn out to be a great one. 

I got all these vintage images from National Geographic magazine during 1970s-1980s. I can't remember exactly what year it is. The magazine had a special topic on Ben Franklin as I see it contains so many images and story, which mean a great material for an art piece!

Ben Franklin's side story at the back page of carousel.

Three layered of carousel structure.

I really like to turn the book into the carousal like this. The book look like a small art piece or a vintage toy this way.
Text: "The charming science", Franklin called music. After he heard water glasses played in London, he had glass hemispheres blown and ground to produce 37 tones and mounted in a case.  Seated, he played the moistened revolving edges with his fingers.   
Text: To thwart counterfeiters, Franklin designed currency containing the prints of actual leaves, since he had observed that no two are alike. At 42 he took David Hall as his working partner and retired to a King George II, he fought for the people's causes: military defense and tax relief.

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