Friday, September 21, 2012

Bookart: five random words art piece.

This is a small book project that I had a hard time thinking because of the weird (but fun) concept. The concept is five random words. I randomly opened the dictionary and then randomly pointed anywhere on the pages five times. I must put that five words into a book.  I got...1.complimentary 2.long-headed 3.Morpheus ribbon 5.sophistication.

Morpheus is a Greek god  of dream. Dream is pretty easy because it could be anything. I wrote down some quote about Morpheus by anonymous writer to indicate the content "Dream"   

I read the description "long-headed" it says " having a dolichocephalic head"...I was like "What~~??" I searching for more meaning and found out that this word relate to human anthropology and some scientific stuff that hard to mix with other words. I ended up paste this long headed gentleman which I randomly found on Google into the back page.

This is why I love this book structure! It could be either a home decoration hanging from the ceiling or an art piece on my shelf.

Thank you Martha Stewart paper puncher for all these awesome pattern once again!  

Dream could be anything. It could be abstract images, ideas, or memories, and this red flowing dotty circular shapes are really matching with the content dream.

I put green spiral paper on the other side for a first word complimentary "colors".  It's a scrap paper I found in a class's drawer which I luckily found it. This book has a good feedback from both my instructor and classmates. l would says that's this book represent the fifth word "sophistication".   

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