Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bookart: Book of sweets

A book of sweets

This one made by using a sewing method and glue between two Anthropologie's bags. 

The assignment is "smell inspired". I had to create a content which inspired by one of the random smells in class. I choose a smell of spun sugar plus vanilla to create this book. Thanks to the Martha Stewart's paper puncher for such a cute detail on each page.  

The content is international sweet. For example, french pastries.

Japanese pastries that I like.

It took me pretty long for all content was done by hand. But google the reference and information to write took longer.

And of course! a sweet from my country is a must-have:D
Here another work from bookart class:D I personally love this book's structure the most. I wish you guys love it too!!

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