Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shiba-mama's new year

The mother's concept is still based on the first one. "It's not ready yet!" 

The housewife series continues! This is the second of my housewife illustration series. The first one is here. This time I choose Shibainu because this specie is a well-known local dog from Japan, and I personally love it too!
This illustration depicts Japanese housewife during new year. The housewife would prepare a set of New year bento called "Osechi".  This one took so much longer than I expected because of the Osechi Bento part. There were a lot of references and researches before I could add any detail to the bento. Each food in each slot has its own blessing, such as Kamaboko means protection, Black beans mean hard work, and etc. The most helpful site is the made-to-order-Osechi website because they have such an elegant image that show how beautiful the Osechi could be.

First version sketch.